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Major announcement! -- Austin plans to participate in the Mystic Art Festival in 2022

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pottery and sculpture is made with 100% porcelain clay and is fired to a very high temperature, which helps make it particularly durable.  All utilitarian pieces (cups, bowls, platters, etc.) are microwave and dishwasher safe. 
Glazes are certified as food-safe.



Background information about the artist: Austin Zimmer was raised in Fiji and the Kingdom of Tonga (located in the South Pacific) and has traveled, studied or lived in: Australia, England, France, Holland and much of the United States.

All artwork is sold as one-of-a-kind.  Similar pieces can be combined to form sets, but each piece possesses unique qualities that naturally vary.  All pieces are signed.  No mass production and no
special-orders accepted. 

ZimmerClayWorks offers a complete  money-back guarantee (less shipping)  for 30 days.


Click here for kiln construction details.  The completed kiln (shown above) is a
30 cubic foot down-draft (propane powered) salt kiln.  Austin's studio is also equipped with a large
electric kiln (a new Skutt KM1227).

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Austin's paradise (home and summer studio) located in Mystic, CT. 
FYI -- The water-front property (pictured above) was originally purchased by Austin's grandmother (Mrs. Nell Smith) for $50, in 1938.  The sale occurred one week AFTER the devastating hurricane of 1938, which caused wide-spread damage and 800+ fatalities.  The seller was understandably eager to 'unload' a waterfront property and Mrs. Smith stepped up and seized the opportunity!  The Smith, Goodrich, Knight and Zimmer families will forever be in her debt.

Here are a few pictures of Austin's new work, all of which sold (quickly!) at the Mystic Arts Festival. 
FYI --  Austin received the 'Best of Show' award, for ceramics, from the Mystic Chamber of Commerce.


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Sabbatical Itinerary

The emphasis of Austin Zimmer's sabbatical was
on reconnecting with his artwork.

(pictures and a complete itinerary listed below)


The sabbatical started by visiting New York and Boston galleries.  Austin then began drawing, packing and getting ready for a move to North Carolina (Penland School of Craft) for an artist-in-residence program.


Austin spent a wonderful week at the Grove Park Inn and Spa, located in Asheville, NC.  The Grove Part Inn is a classic GRAND resort, built in 1913.  Austin highly recommends The Grove Park Inn to anyone
that REALLY needs to get away!

Austin's pictures (series #1)

January and February

Artist-in-residence program at the Penland School of Crafts,
located 30 minutes outside Asheville, NC.

Austin's pictures (series #2)

A quote from Austin upon arriving at Penland School of Crafts:  "I am thrilled with my initial results and am looking forward to getting everything out of the kiln (reduction, soda and salt), stay tuned for pictures!  I plan to fire work in soda, salt, wood and high-fire reduction kilns at Penland.  The facilities at the school are fantastic, everything is at my finger-tips!  I typically arrive in the studio around 10:00 a.m. and work until 2 or 3 a.m.; studios at Penland are open 24/7.  Everyone is incredibly friendly and generous with recommendations and helpful suggestions; this is what heaven must be like (well, at least for a potter)!"

March, April and May

Austin spent the remaining three months of his sabbatical renovating his future home and studio in Mystic, CT.  He also began construction of a 30 cubic feet downdraft salt-kiln, which is now operational.